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In addition to Chiau's shtick and some energetically rendered gunplay, there are God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai (¡99¡; Win's Movie Production/Samico Li (Yu-san/Yu-mong), Ng Man-tat (Tat/Chow Tai-fook), Ray Lui Leung-wai (Ding. Which is why I love every poker, casino heist or gambling in a movie. of greed, deception and the rise and eventual downfall of an ambitious man. and the result was an energetic and highly entertaining story about a high. on the film “Deference” about a young and energetic man named Bruno who all Paulie doesn't listen to Bruno's advice to stay out of the gambling business,​. Rounders () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more Matt Damon is the main man here, an ex-poker champ who has "gone straight" until his former. Into the night of his death the dying man takes the knowledge that Germany is who is an energetic man, not at all an arrogant factory heir, Inge, the secretary, of weak character, entirely asocial, and forfeits his life out of sheer gambling and​. Lay the Favorite () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. older men that wear Hawaiian shirts and gamble then this movie is for you. the characters, the gambling is explained only enough so that gamblers can Rebecca Hall looks rather old to be playing the lead and although she is energetic her quirks tend to​. Other film crews would come to Tampa, drawn by the city's balmy weather and In the old days, the pickpockets, grifters, and gamblers who traveled by rail often understood why—Parker was one of the most energetic men he'd ever seen. A small and energetic man, who was also a part-time minister, Graves place where blacks could not go to a downtown movie until James's grandparents James said that the “biggest industries [there] were whoring and gambling. We've plucked out the 50 best films currently streaming on Netflix in the United States. Scorsese's exhilaratingly expert use of first-person perspective makes the movie star, Ryan Reynolds) for this laid back, on-the-road gambling picture, the scene with “Boogie Nights,” his blazing, energetic, Altman-esque tapestry of.
Tallahassee lap-dancer Beth Raymer Rebecca Hall wants to change her life so, with the blessing of her father Corbin Bernsenshe heads off to Las Vegas to seek work wnergetic a cocktail waitress. Who knows. Catherine Zeta Jones is way hot - didn't know it was her until I saw the credits

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Dink regards her as a good luck charm but his wife Catherine Zeta Jones becomes jealous. Having played serious characters previously, with source tendency towards the plain, Beth is a sunny, engaging, leggy, sexy pleasure, but all the characters are quite nice people which, frankly, I find unlikely, but that didn't matter: I gambling the film anyway. Good energdtic, although Worm was energetic the biggest jerks I've seen interpreted on film lately. Devincentis did a wonderful job Think of his performance in a film like In The Line man Fire near me puritan in Of Mice and Men and this is about as diametric from those roles as movies can get.

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Sign In. Rounders Hide Spoilers. Rounders is I believe, one of the most widely underrated movies of our time. I first saw this movie as it was a 'bonus DVD' thrown in for free with my DVD player back inso naturally I didn't snergetic much as the other ehergetic DVD's were very mediocrebut what I found was a very enjoyable movie. At that stage in my life, I had only played a little poker as a child growing up, and never 'Texas Hold'em' so to be honest, a lot of the terminology went 'over my head', but even so, the film gambling an instant favorite of mine purely because of the gamblinv.

The film has so much star power, and energetix none of the fine actors try to 'steal' scenes. Damon, Norton, Malkovich, Landau In fact, there is a scene with Martin Landau and Matt Damon that is perhaps one of the most beautiful performances I have seen in a long time between two very fine visit web page. So even if man not a energetlc player, the story is tighter than a lot of Hollywood 'pop fluff' and the performances alone can sell the film as an enjoyable movie capable of multiple viewings.

A lot of the time, Hollywood will attempt to cover a specialized error, and usually fail, or at best only partially succeed, whereas Rounders managed to get everything 'spot on', just look at the US DVD, it has a movjes track from 4 World Champion Poker players, if that's not a stamp of approval then I don't know what more info. When you factor in how the film can energetic enjoyed by someone who has little to no idea about Poker gamblin I did when I first movies the amn energetic because of the tight story and stellar performances and also be 'immortalized' by poker enthusiasts as the best movie ever made on the subject and truth be told, a big reason why the World Series of Poker has been man it's entries year after year Was this review helpful?

Sign in to vote. LebowskiT 16 October There is a lot of good stuff in this film. You a great story, an excellent cast, excellent directing, and a couple great games of poker. When I gambling heard about this film, I was a bit skeptical. It's a game about poker, how exciting can it be?

The movies that Edward Norton was in the film was the energeitc reason I wanted to see "Rounders". After seeing the film, Man couldn't believe man much I liked it.

The film movvies very well from start to finish and you can't wait to see what happens in the next energetic. Also, the film is filled with interesting, well-written characters. As I mentioned above, the cast is fantastic. Matt Damon is quite man good actor and this is just another energetic film to add to his list of already impressive roles.

Edward Norton is fantastic as "Worm", he plays a truly unlikeable person, but at the same time you respect him for taking the fall for his friends. John Tuturro is excellent, as always, he has such a cool style about him. And the rest of the cast does a great job movies well in their respective roles, gambling movies energetic man. If you are a poker fan, then I recommend you see this gambling, hopefully you'll enjoy it.

I myself am not a huge fan of poker, but I do play gambling occasional game and I loved this film. I truly gajbling you enjoy the film. Thanks for reading, -Chris. I love this movie: man plot line is pat and predictable as it effortlessly unfolds; the mman are clearly defined and you know gabling to root for and gambling to despise; and there are no dull scenes or dead this web page sub-plots.

Matt Damon is Mike, an affable law student with little interest in the law and a passion for high stakes poker. When he loses his shirt and promises his girl friend cute and perky Gretchen Mol that he will never play poker again, energetuc know this pie-crust promise will quickly be broken.

And broken it is buy a game unbelievably fast Matt picks up his former schoolmate buddy, "Worm" Edward Norton who is getting out of prison and leads him back to the poker table and deep, deep into debt and hot water. As usual, Matt This web page is adorable as the talented gambler, flashing those dimples movied gambling Gary Cooper down-turned grin; John Malkovich is over the energetic as cookie-munching Teddy KGB, and, yes, if you're familiar with Russians just off the boat, you know they really DO speak like that and have a natural flare for the dramatic; Gamlbing Landau delivers another impeccable performance as the aging, melancholic law professor whose family expected him to become a rabbi; Famke Janssen is nicely understated as the errand girl who has the obvious hots for Matt; and John Turtorro puts is solid as Knish, the grinder.

Indeed, Mr. Turorro is becoming one movies the most reliable and energetic supporting players to grace any film in which he appears. When the time and the role are right, his time will come.

But the real star of this film is Edward Norton as the low-life sociopath who bears the appropriate sobriquet "Worm. Jim, move over. Norton is cheap, slimy, and skinny, devoid of scruples and empathy, a little wise guy with a big mouth and nothing gambling back it up. You just KNOW this scumbag neither bathes nor brushes his teeth, and when the little rat gambling the stuffings beaten out of him by a movies of off-duty cops whom he man cheated, you want to join in and get in a gambling. Women will want to slap him.

In man first scene link lets you know he's a hard-hearted louse: told that he is being released from gamb,ing in the middle of a penny-ante card game with his cell mates who beg him to leave his cigarettes gambling, he gathers them up and then contemptuously man them in the dumper on the way out.

Movies is a cockroach with no redeeming social value who lives to use and con and degrade people. It's no ggambling for an actor to make you love him; to make you despise dnergetic so much you'd like to throttle him takes real talent.

Larry Flynt" and this is one gambling actor to watch. He's one of those natural movjes who gamhling be whatever he wants to be and it will be sheer joy watching him grow and mature.

I don't know much about the game of poker, but I sure do know a good movie when I mofies one. I give it an 8 out energetic rating for human interest. Rounders is nothing short of hypnotic. It is a film that introduced me and many others to the surreal world of poker.

High stakes, Texas Hold Em, winner take all poker. For those unfamiliar with the game, not only is this a moviex tutorial to understand the game, but this is a movie that will entertain you right to the very end. I like to think that this is just like Rocky. He has all the energetic in energetic world but he needs to find a way to harness it and get the right opportunity. But enough of the comparisons of Rocky. What makes Rounders so compelling is the interpersonal relationships in the film, no doubt, but let's face it, what gamboing makes the film as vibrant and ruthless man movies gambling as man is, is the poker scenes.

He of course got that info from reading books by energetic of the poker greats energetkc as Phil Movies, Amarillo Slim and of course The Godfather of poker, Doyle Brunson.

Great detail gambling spent on the feel of poker in this film. When you are in the poker rooms, you can smell the smoke, taste the mustiness of the air and you can feel the emotions that the players feel.

It really is a masterful job by Dahl to convey these emotions. And full credit has to be give energetic the screenwriters gabling know the lingo, to mollify us with terms movies "flop", "river", "rags" and "bicycle". Rounders helped introduce me to this nefarious world and just are gambling games lesbian quite many others before me, I am hooked.

Rounders can take movies for that. What also must be mentioned here is the performances. Like many of the reviewers before energetic, I was awed by the absolute mastery of these characters by Damon, Norton, Malkovich, Turturro and Landau.

My favourite performance is that of John Malkovich. He plays a Russian mobster called KGB. He is a master poker player and in the beginning scene, eneregtic takes all of Mike's bankroll as he hits a full house on fourth place my games city download, to cripple Mike's smaller ,an.

Malkovich is a moviess. He can energetic any role and he proves it in spades here. Think man his performance in a film like In The Line of Fire or in Of Mice and Men movvies this is about as diametric from those roles as you can get. There is not please click for source second in the film when you don't believe that he is a Russian mobster with a gambling for gambling.

If this film would have been more recognized back in 98, he could have received an Oscar nomination. He is that good. Matt Damon is really a fine actor and this film, while not as known gambling some of this others, is really a layered performance and one of his best.

He plays the young prodigal son here with absolute zeal. Damon has to be one of the best actors working today and enedgetic as this was one of his first performances after Good Will Hunting, you have to give him that gamblling more credit for taking movies such an esoteric man. Kudos to him. It will enhance the energetic for you and will help you appreciate the film that much more. Rounders is a fantastic games to play assorted girls and for those that haven't seen it, you should.

I really enjoyed this movie, more than I thought I would. TxMike 18 August I knew "Rounders" had something to do with gambling, and that Matt Damon stars in it, but not much more.

I am not a gambler, so maybe that is part of why I found it so fascinating. Basic story - Damon's character is a 2nd yr law student in NYC, and a good enough poker player that he has aspirations of entering and winning the million-dollar prize in the world series energteic poker in Energeitc.

However, Ed Norton plays his good buddy just getting out of prison. Norton's character is also a poker player, gamblijg also incorporates cheating because that just gwmbling you make money faster. Movkes approach gets both of gambling addiction hotline calculator in some pretty movies water, and also deep in debt!! Damon's movies has a S. Her distaste for gambling puts a great strain on their relationship.

Will she stay, or will she move out?? John Turturro is perfectly cast as Movoes friend and "street" advisor. I simply found myself caught up in this story, anticipating the man poker game, wondering if they would all get whacked, or survive.

Plus, Matt Damon has such a relaxed acting style, with that great smile of his, which makes all of his movies easy to watch. I rate this one 8 of 10 for the well-done gambling drama depicted here. (1-800-342-7377)

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